Matt. 18:19 ¶ “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.

This verse of scripture has more to it than we see at first glance. Jesus used the word sumphoneo (agree) when He was teaching about prayer. Obviously this word reminds us of musical harmony. Jesus is speaking of a harmony of soul that is flowing with the song of The Lord. This harmony flows out of our relationship with The Lord and is characterized as a beautiful song. As Christ becomes our source of joy, His joy flows out of us in this song. We are in harmony with The Lord and with all others who have been captured by this song of heaven. Jonathan Edwards spoke of this song and learning this song in his Thanksgiving Day sermon in 1740. Check out this excerpt from his message.

“These are the things that are requisite to the learning this song. They are the fruit of the redemption or purchase of Jesus Christ. Christ has purchased for a certain number that knowledge of the glorious excellency of God and Christ, and of the infinite riches of his grace appearing in the way of salvation. That excellent heavenly light that shines into the soul, and gives it a view and understanding of those excellent things, is a blessing purchased at the price of Christ’s precious blood. And so that ability, that harmony of the soul and melody of the heart, consisting in holy love and joy and delight in God and Christ, is a precious benefit that is the fruit of the same purchase. This heavenly melody is dear; it costs Christ’s precious blood.”

This song is a gift to us purchased by the blood of Jesus. Once we see the power of His redeeming blood and this life of joy that it has introduced us to, the song of heaven becomes our song. This song is different than the earthly songs that we sing. In those songs we are singing of physical observations or experiences we have had. The song of The Lord is different; it is way different. This spiritual song is not only all around us, it is actually inside of us. It has become part of our very nature. Heaven has come down and entered our souls, we can do anything else, we have to sing.
In our corporate services at church we often experience this heavenly sumphoneo. We all begin to sing in a spontaneous heavenly melody and also in this incredible heavenly language. Singing with other Christians in the heavenly language brings us into a taste of heaven itself. Many times in our services we become caught up in this heavenly song, as we yield to the melody in our heart and the language of the Spirit flows out of us, we experience this oneness, or harmony Jesus spoke of. This is the joy all our hearts are longing for.

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  1. joelz159Joe Zaffuto Jr. Says:

    Dear moderator,
    I’m brother Joe (Joe Zaffuto Jr.). I went to God’s Army with pastor Frank. I don’t have transportation right now and I would like to attend service today. Do you, or Pastor Frank, know of a brother that can pick me up and bring me to fellowship? I live right off of Transcontinental and Veterans. If so; Please have them contact me by phone at 504-676-6443. Thanks and God bless.

    Brother Joe-Joe

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