Frank Bailey is pastor of Victory Fellowship in the Greater New Orleans area. He and his wife Parris started Victory Fellowship in 1979. Today, Victory meets at three campuses. The Broad street campus includes a woman’s rehab called Mary’s Song. Frank has authored several books and has traveled and ministered throughout the world. His ministry is characterized by an emphasis on God’s Word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

One thought on “Frank Bailey

  1. Dear Pastors Frank,Paris, and Howard; I have been longing to tell you all how very much I am enjoying my new Body @ Victory Fellowship. However, I never seem to have time, or have contact, with any of you after service. Therefore I am writting this on your Blog, with the hope that you will eventually get it. Pastor Paris; You have been a True Blessing to me, ever since our first time at Victory/Mandeville. Ever since I was first saved, in Aug. 1975, I have asked God to always lead me into Ministries, and Church Bodies, that have Real Peaple at the Head. I believe that I have that @ Victory, and wanted everyone to know how much I appreciate you all, and hope that I can become a Blessing to you all, as I become involved in the Church.
    Sincerely; In Christ, Wayne Giardina

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